Bedbugs are not Welcome Guests

Bedbugs consume human blood for their meals, feasting upon unsuspecting men, women, and children during the early hours of the morning when they are fast asleep. The bugs are not dangerous since they do not carry disease, but they can be downright devastating to anyone with an infestation. It is vital that you call a professional for treatments of bedbugs Staten Island if you suspect these critters are in your home. If you do not make the call quickly, bedbugs could consume your home very quickly, causing massive problems along the way.

A bedbug is a small pest that measures only about 1/3 inch wide when fully grown. The bug is usually brown in appearance, but may appear red after a blood meal. The bedbug injects a numbing venom into its victim in order to enjoy the blood meal. The bug is usually long gone before it wears off and the pain of the bite is felt. The bite usually resembles that of a mosquito bite, only it is much easier and oftentimes raises. Some people are allergic to bedbugs and have reactions to the numbing injection.

Bedbugs sleep inside mattresses, covers, outlets, headboards, and many other locations. They are very hard to see, and hard to treat. What isn’t difficult, however, is an infestation that destroys your home. Bedbugs cause far more problems than many people realize until they actually experience them firsthand. Take their word -you do not want to be bothered by bedbugs. The longer that you wait to call someone, the worse the problem and the damages that you will encounter. Do not take a problem with bedbugs lightly, because it is a very serious matter. Call a pest control company right away and get rid of the bugs as quickly as they came.