Business Fire Prevention Tips

Would you believe that more than 1.2 million fires occurred in the US in 2014? Of those fire, just over 3,000 people lost their lives, while more than 15,000 were injured. In all, these fires caused more than $11 billion in damages!

Preventing fire starts with common sense and concludes with the use of a few vital tips. It is essential that you use these tips to protect your business, as well as those who are in it. RI fire prevention for a business starts with you!

Risk Assessment

A professional fire prevention company can come to your business and perform a fire risk assessment. This is valuable because it identifies areas that are risky for fire. The assessment also ensures that you are abiding by the fire codes set forth by the National Fire Protection Agency.

Fire Protection Equipment

A variety of fire protection equipment pieces are out there. Your business should have several of these items in place because they can minimize the injuries sustained during a fire, as well as the damage. Items that you will need vary, but include a fire extinguisher.

Create a Fire Plan

A fire plan is vital for yourself and those employed at your company. Everyone at work should be familiar with this fire plan, and it should be posted in a place for all to see.

First Aid Kit

Have a first aid kit available in case of an emergency. The kit should contain several items that can alleviate the pain of burns.

Although there is no 100% way to eliminate the risk of a fire, the tips above are beneficial in maintaining a safe work place for everyone to thrive inside of without the worry of fire. Be sure to use these tips, and stay fire compliant and safe.